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Demolition Derby: Grinder


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LEGO Demolition Derby, the Grinder. 

I think:

  1. That it would make a good LEGO set.
  2. That it would be nice to see my idea as a LEGO set.
  3. That it would be very cool.
  4. That if it became a LEGO set I would be proud of myself.



  1. It has a rotating blade that turns when you push it.
  2. It can hold 1 to 2 minifigs.
  3. It can go off road.
  4. It has 6 bulky wheels.
  5. It has 1 motor one each side.



I have built this before in the past but they were not as good as this one, it took a long time to get it the way I like it and now it is perfect, I really hope this becomes a LEGO set, thank you. please give me that chance.This truck is for Demolition Derby only NOT squashing minifigs. Demolition derby is to trucks trying to crash into each other.I have made mine much more cool (its like,an updated version of real Demolition Derby).please give me a chance.