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Lego Hercules


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The mythical realm of Ancient Greece is brought to life in this highly playable and accurate set. Battle, capture or play with a number of fearsome beasts, from the Erymanthian Boar to the Nemean lion, all in a compact and neat set that can be easily transported. With some other sets, the fun is over as soon as it's begun: here, there are enough builds to keep even the most experienced builders occupied, while keeping the overall design simple enough for a child. All you need to be is a fan of mythology - or perhaps just Greece!

9 of Hercules' original labours are included, which mostly include the animals or duels as others were retrieving of objects and such.  Along with this, the set comes with Hercules in his famous lion-skin cape, with trusty sidekick (and nephew) Iolaus beside him. Weaponry varies from clubs, to swords, to long-bows, and of course, Iolaus' torch. With so many builds jammed into one small and potentially cost-effective build, from bridges to golden apple trees, this project could hopefully open up you eyes to the past, while keeping you entertained in the present. Support if you want to see this ancient mythical world brought to life!