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The Call of Cthulhu

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Due to the awesome support of the cultists and worshippers of the Great Old One, we've come one step closer to release Cthulhu from his prison in R'lyeh!

To celebrate this magnificent achievement, I'll proudly present to you another illustration I've managed to get hold of. It is rumored that it once was a part of the Necronomicon itself... ;-)

At the Mountains of Madness


"The Call of Cthulhu" actually wasn't my first Lovecraft LEGO build. I already created a diorama depicting a scene from his story "at the Mountains of Madness" in 2015... ;-)

Closeup of the "Elder Thing"

"Alert" v:2.0


Made some slight changes to the "Alert" today like adding a life-ring (painted version of the "one ring") to the ship's side, a decal to the lifeboat, a roof above the cabin's entrance and a searchlight to the front of the roof.