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Individual Imperial Base


Dear Star-Wars loving people!

I present you an Individual Imperial Base. Now all kids can become a secret Imperial agents, they can imagine and carry out different secret missions. This base could be set on some planet by Imperial shuttle team. After all others left the planet, the one agent stays here. It has a light space ship to carry out fast movements (with one blaster and overland engines). This base is made for one figure, there are three unique powerful lazer blasters, they can be moved in all directions!

On the back of the base,  there is a garage for one space-ship, it could be launched by moving apart two pieces of the base platform. The blue square is a computer to control the space-ship and make a connection with the other Imperial force. The base is also a citadel thanks to its blasters and protective shell, so it can be used to defence purpose. 

Uniqueness of my project: first of all - little star wars lego sets always have something that can only move the figure or be used by it, this set has a fortress, a base, a ship, an armour (a very movable!) and one figure! Second, it cannot be too expensive, so it can be sold in millions of copies.

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