Product Idea

3D Maze Cube Puzzle

Who doesn't enjoy a quick puzzle? When I was a young lad I remember my mom taking my brother and I to a local salon to get our haircuts for years. As you could imagine, my wee mind was far from focused on haircuts when it wasn't my turn, and there wasn't much to do while waiting but play with an old maze cube. So this idea came from time spent as a child playing, much like the love for Lego that I and many others still behold as an adult.

It was a challenge, and I still hope to improve the design somehow, but I'm ready to show off my idea in hopes that it will inspire others and to inspire myself to keep pushing. This model features a six sided cube, each with a little puzzle to guide the ball through seamlessly. My goal was to make all six sides equal, making a perfect cube. The end result does feature a perfect cube at the core for the puzzle, but I wanted the outside to be more than just squares, so I've spent a while tweaking the outside to give it personality and (hopefully) visually modern appeal. I wanted simple colors, and what better choice than the colors of the Lego logo itself, providing Red, White, Yellow and Black to the design.

This model features over 1,700 parts and would be considered Expert due to some of the techniques used internally. This model also features a spinner on one face to provide extra obstacle.

Thank you for looking and I greatly appreciate your support and consideration!