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Jumanji Parish House (1995)

This is a LEGO model of the Parish house from the original Jumanji film (1995). The model includes six fully detailed rooms, an alligator, three monkeys and Carl's police car.

There are lots of play features in the model, including: an open back to the building to allow easy access; the attic can be lifted of allowing easy access to the rooms in the second story; a nob on the side of the building which can be pushed in to knock a piece of furniture over (this represents the stampede happening in the house); a police car which has accessible features like the doors and boot; and, the front door can be knocked down to recreate the flood coming out of the house.

The rooms are as stated: the dining room, living room, small bedroom, master bedroom, master bathroom and an attic. Each room is fully decorated with scenes linking back to the movie.

I made this model because I wanted to explore my building skills and see what the public thinks of my models. I believe this would be a great play set because of the amount of play features included and the Easter eggs from the movie, It would also be a good display set because it really stands out on display and is an awesome gift for collectors who are into Jumanji.

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