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LEGO Adidas ZX 8000 Miniature Sneaker


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The model
My model is a miniature LEGO version of the Adidas ZX 8000 sneaker. I tried to capture the typical shoe shape with edges and curves in its distinct primary colours. For that I used authentic existing LEGO bricks I own (pushing myself to be as creative as possible), even tearing down some existing sets to use bricks I considered best fit for purpose. I did quite some prototype versions trying new techniques and making it better every time. I personally like the usage of the yellow flexible hoses as shoe laces that I got from an old classic set, the 6685 Fire helicopter. A true example of the fun fact that old LEGO sets always come in handy to create something new! The Adidas sneaker unmistakably has the brand with the 3 stripes on the sides as well as the LEGO logo on the shoe tongue. For that I used the LEGO Brand Store 40145 tile, a nice twist to use it in a different way and become the recognisable partnership product of both brands. It comes with a stand that perfectly displays the sneaker miniature and is a true eye-catcher. By positioning it at this angle resting on the shoe's front it expresses a certain dynamic display showing the sneaker in its full glory.

Why this model?
Well for starters, I've never seen a sneaker set being released apart from minifigure prints. The recognisable shape of a pair of trainers triggered me to build this special one. Being a LEGO and Adidas fan from childhood and always playing sports (wearing Adidas of course;-)) and building with LEGO, I was thrilled to hear the release of the LEGO Adidas ZX 8000!
Actually the recent news of LEGO Group and Adidas announcing an extensive partnership was the right moment to post my idea of the LEGO sneaker to the wider community. The opportunity via LEGO Ideas seems a good fit for the fun aspect of a sneaker in the 'Sports and Play' range that was never available before.

Support for my model - a unique display
The combination of both brands was a dream come true for many LEGO and Adidas fans. However, there are a lot of fans that did not get hold of a pair given its popularity and sold out quickly. 
My motto: "If you couldn't buy them, you can now build'm!"
I'm hoping for those fans that seek a unique sneaker coming to live in LEGO bricks and bring back those nostalgic childhood memories of sports and play!
For me, it was a creative journey that made me happy all the way and I hope to share that feeling with others.

I hope my interpretation and creation of the LEGO Adidas ZX 8000 miniature sneaker is worth a closer look and got your attention.

Thanks for your support!

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