Product Idea

Triple Transforming Piranha Bot

More Outdoor Shots of Piranha Bot


Bot Mode

Jet Mode

Triple Transforming Piranha Bot at the Beach


Triple-Transforming Piranha Bot comes ashore in its "submarine" mode.



I've designed some decals for Triple Transforming Piranha Bot:



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Piranha Bot VS Robo Jetcar


Introducing Robo Jetcar - another of my LEGO Ideas submission, who is also Pirahna Bot's nemesis! Like Piranha Bot, Robo Jetcar can also transform into 3 different modes. Here're are some images of them battling each other in various modes:

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Hooray, 100 Votes Milestone Reached in 8 Days!!


If anyone had told me at the beginning that Triple Transforming Piranha Bot could reach 100 votes within the first 8 days I would have totally laughed it off. But today the unimaginable has happened. And it happened only because of your awesome support. So I thank you, to all those who have voted, from the bottom of my heart. 

My inspiration for this set actually goes way back when I was still a kid in the early eighties. I didn't have many toys and those few that I had were old ones which were handed down from my relatives, whose kids had outgrown them. Among these toys I had, were some random lose building bricks.

At that time, cartoons of swords buckling warriors, transforming cars and robots were showing regularly on TV. My younger brother and I were very much drawn to them. However, as these toys were too expensive, we would build our own versions of them from the bricks that we had. My dad first taught us how to build a simple life size sword. My brother and I would use them and battle each other and victory would belong to the one whose sword stayed intact at the end of the battle. Eventually we progressed to building our own transforming toys. We would build "cars" that could transform by swapping parts around. 

The bricks we had back then were very primitive. No hinges, no wheels and no other shapes except rectangular ones - just plain looking bricks that came in a few different sizes and colors. And yet we had lots of fun just playing with our own very primitive blocky looking transforming robot toys. Triple Transforming Piranha Bot is thus a homage to my childhood memories, a reminder of how powerful a toy like LEGO bricks can be. There are so much more things we can build with them and so much more ways we can have fun with them. I hope that by creating this set, it will also bring endless fun to the people playing it.

Thank you so much again for the support. Please feel free to leave comments or any feedback you might have for the set. I love to read all your comments and I appreciate them very much. Also, please help to share this page and let your friends know about my creation so that they can also support it by voting if they like it.