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Flower Dragon Garden


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Hidden within these flowers are several small dragons.  These dragons use flowers to hide themselves from human eyes.  They look just like every other flower until they open up their petals/wings to reveal the dragons within.

Along with these dragons is Lilly, the fairy caretaker.  Lilly's main job is to help the dragons hide from humans.  Her other jobs are to help spread pollen from dragon to dragon to help grow the next generation and water the dragons when there has been little rain.  She is small enough that humans often confuse her for a random insect as she flies by them.  She can also hide inside one of the flower with the dragons when humans approach.

The main feature of this set is that the dragons can be folded up into a flower-like form without having to remove any of the pieces. 

1 - Lift the dragon up from the steam.
2 - Unclip 7 of the 8 petals/wings from the octagonal plate.
3 - Move the top, bottom, left, and right petals/wings down until they touch one another. If Lilly is inside the flower, she can be removed at this point.
4 - Move the top-right, top-left, bottom-right, and bottom-left petals/wings until they can no longer go down.
5 - Unfold the rest of the dragon inside.

I designed seven different dragons in the seven colors of the rainbow to show that the Flower Dragons can grow in many different shapes and colors.  No two Flower Dragons are the same just like no two humans are the same.

Picture 9 shows an up close image of Lilly holding the watering can she uses to water the dragons and the yellow spheres in her other hand are the pollen she spreads between the dragons.  She can also hide underneath the flowers as shown in picture 10.

I made this set due to my love of dragons.  I also enjoy LEGO sets that transforms into different forms without having to remove any of the pieces.  I hope other people like this set's design and how the dragons can change between its flower and dragon forms without taking the set apart.