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Oceanographic Expedition Team

The research vessel is ready to set sail! With a team of specialists, equipped with all kinds of cameras, research facilities, and air, sea, and underwater vehicles, all the great mysteries of the sea will once again awaken our curiosity and imagination.

The crew (in the last image, from right to left):
1) Marine biologists.
2) Captain.
3) Documentary director.
4) Media specialist (also captain's daughter).
5) Cartographer.
6) Mechanical engineer.
One side of the model shows the complete ship hull and and the other one shows its fully designed interior. The inner spaces of the ship are:

1) Kitchen-Dining room.
2) Laboratory.
3) Library-Study room.
4) Storage room.
5) Cabins.
6) Hallway.
7) Bathrooms.
8) Machine room.
9) Submarine bay.
The exterior design of the ship is inspired on a very special one for those of us who marvelled at Jacques Cousteau’s classic documentaries. The red minifigure captain's cap is indeed a small tribute to the beloved French explorer. May his love for science and his commitment to the protection of the oceans continues to be passed down from generation to generation.

The model has exactly 1830 parts.
Hope you like!

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