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Gem Mining


This is a miniature gem mine made from Lego: Classic bricks and elements. You may have noticed I did not use a normal Lego pickaxe, that is simply because I don't have one. I would switch them if I could. Besides the minifigure details, I used various light gray pieces for the rock surrounding the ''gems'', which are 1 by 1 translucent pieces. Only the gold is not translucent. The red pieces are rubies, the blue ones are sapphires, the translucent yellow ones are topaz, the light blue ones are aquamarine, and the clear ones can be either quartz or diamond. I also built a track and mine cart for this set.                 I think it would make a great set because there aren't many mining sets besides the new Lego: City volcano sets. this is my third submission, and I hope to build lots more ideas like this in the future. Please support!

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