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Hi there! This is my LEGO Ideas project jobs. Please post a comment about which one is your favorite after you read the rest of this description and check out all the pictures. Thanks! :D Questions and comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated, I will try to reply to all of them. I hope this project gets 10,000 supporters, and hope one of those supporters is you. Thanks!

EXPLORER: The explorer comes on white 6x8 plate, that can fit the huge ice ball, a tree and the mini figure. The explorer has a red coffee cup and a small pick. The dog sled that comes with 2 dogs can carry the big    ice ball and the explorer! The explorer is just around 20 pieces including the minifig and goes great with any  LEGO Arctic sets. 

MINER: The miner comes on a brown 6x10 plate that can fit the mountain and the minifig. The miner comes with a small pick and 2 pieces of dynamite for accessories. The snow-capped mountain has a beautiful waterfall that flows down its side. The top of the mountain can be easily removed to look at the gold inside. You can also remove a side wall so that the miner can grab the gold. The miner is around 50 pieces and can be assembled very quickly.

BUILDER: The comes on two 4x8 green plates and can fit a very small, half finished, brick structure. He comes with many different tools including a saw, a cross axle, a shovel, a wrench, and a hammer. He also has a sack of lunch that he can eat when he's hungry. (sorry I can't put any food in the sack) The builder includes about 25 pieces and is a great addition to almost any LEGO set.

All 3 of these jobs put together is only about 100 pieces making it small but very playable. Thank you to all the great people on this site, including the staff, and have a great day! :D