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LEGO Star Wars Lars family's Tatooine house

It always was my dream to have set in my collection like that. And I just decided to build that at LDD, don't know what to say also..
It could have 6 minifigures: aunt Beru, uncle Owen, Luke, Ben Kenobi, R2-D2 and C-3PO. Also there are droid Gonk, Luke's Landspeeder.

"Parts" of the building can rotate and open.
Stairs and repair for droids here..

The roof is removed here.
1. You can see C-3PO's Oil bath (brown, figure can sit there) and hologram table, stairs (it can remove), instruments and little couch.
2. There's a place for Luke's speeder, also kitchen-dining room.

Luke's Landspeeder

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