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The Batcycle Vs Penguin


One of the ultimate face- offs in history, recreated with fantastic design- built out of Lego!

Help Batman stop The Penguin in this fantastic set! This includes the iconic Batcycle shown in many movies including the Dark Knight trilogy and The Penguin- on an actual Lego Penguin!

Based off the movies, the Batcycle has flaming rear exhaust and a large range of guns to tackle any situation that comes to hand. However, will it be enough to stop the 12cm tall Penguin that Penguin has conjured up this time? You decide!

If you love Batman, The Batcycle, The Penguin OR Penguins themselves, you will simply adore this set. Unless you're Batman, in which you would just stare at it with a cowl. Please support this and you will be 17% awesom- er!


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