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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Classical Edition)

"Elementary, my dear Watson." - Sherlock Holmes

Hello, ladies and gentleman out there.

The idea is, to create a set (or possibly a series) about "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" and his friend Dr. Watson.

The Basement is this Creation. It shows on the one hand the two main protagonists, on the other hand it shows the location. In this case, it's the Bakerstreet 221(b). Indeed, it isn't really Sherlock Holmes home, but it is a reconstruction of the Sherlock Holmes Museum (which has really the adress "Bakerstreet 221b" in London) in a buildingstyle like the Modular Series.

Best Regards

Interior and frnt view of the whole building

Ladies and Gentleman, if you like this project, and want it to become a set, it would great, if you would support it. And if so, it would even be great, if you share it, so that your friends an other people find out about this project.
Thanks, and best regards

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