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The Cabin in the Woods

Hello. My Lego idea is a wood cabin in a pine tree forest. It's winter in the forest so, everything is covered in snow. For the pine trees needles I used ferns. There is white pieces around the trees for snow and two piles of snow in the front of the cabin on each side of the door. The door is green and has a brown door nob. There is a chimney in the cabin and there are two light brown smokestacks with black tops on top of the chimney.
Inside the cabin is a bed, chair, table, and fireplace. The bed is in the far right hand corner and has a red and green blanket on it. The table is on middle of the room on the side and has a red cup on it. The fireplace in an the opposite side of the room from the bed. Above the fireplace is a mantle piece with a light blue bird on the right side and a fork on the light side. Above the mantle is a rifle for hunting. I have one minifigure in my Lego idea and he is a old man with white hair, brown pants, and light brown shirt.

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