Product Idea

Legitimate Business

When you work in a Modular City, it is important to have a legitimate business to earn your keep. A Rare Book store and Italian Restaurant can be seen with this front (or business establishment), along with a classic truck for all the special deliveries.

Other Images:

  1. You can witness the backdoor for any important dealings, with a fresh garden to ensure the best ingredients for the restaurant. The top floor deck can be seen.
  2. For the front, there is a menu board out in front of the chef, and a fire escape in case of emergency exits.
  3. Here you can see the fire escape in use and how the set looks with other modular collections.
  4. A closer detail of the truck delivering rare books to the boss.
  5. In the entrance of the restaurant, there is a pleasant painting of the Italian country.
  6. The kitchen includes a large hood over the oven, and plenty of seating for the guests.
  7. Opposite the kitchen inside the restaurant is a juice bar. You can see the bathroom at the end of the hall with a backdoor exit.
  8. Inside the bathroom is a pull chain toilet, I believe it is a classic Corleone design.
  9. The neighboring Rare Bookstore has wood floors and offers diverse titles for the collectors.
  10. On the second floor at the end of the hall is an office space complete with record player.
  11. And, just because, there is storage space to hide information from prying eyes.
  12. On the second floor, there is also a storage room. Not only does this exit out to the fire escape, but a trap door in the corner can assist with loading and unloading merchandise.
  13. After a long day of legitimate business, resting in the top floor apartment can help relieve the stress.
  14. Included in the apartment is a very large kitchen with custom light fixtures.

Larger versions of this images can be viewed on my Flickr page

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