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Learning LEGO Bricks


LEGO Learning Bricks: 

This set of LEGO bricks includes all the sight words and nouns the average student in the U.S. are expected to know by the beginning of third grade. 

The LEGO set includes extra sight words such as the words "The" and "A"  for sentence, paragraph and page building with the bricks.  Additionally, The LEGO set  has simple punctuation marks as well as extra  letters on LEGO bricks,  for example:  The letters "S"  and "ED"  for  plural and past-tense words. 

Children of all ages can learn using this LEGO set while doing what they love...Playing!   The LEGO box set is divided into 5 little Bags. Each bag contains sight words for specific grade levels.  The 5th Bag includes the nouns, extra sight words ("The" "An" and "A") and other LEGO Learning Bricks mentioned above for correct sentence building. 

Kids Love LEGO Learning Bricks!   Everyone wants their child to have a love of learning and  LEGO Learning Bricks are an excellent,  hands on way to learn sight words, sentence structure and much more.  

Words can be fun and funny!  I hope children everywhere have the chance to enjoy building with LEGO Learning Bricks.

Thank you for considering LEGO Learning Bricks.  Helping children learn is a wonderful thing to do.

Celenea Mitchell

Stay at home mom, volunteer and  Para Educator


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