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Medieval Outpost in the Woods

Hello to everyone! United Bricks of America, and you are now scrutinizing my new product idea: Medieval Outpost in the Woods! It is a cottage or 'realm' on the extremity of one of the preeminent black forests. Having a crumbly and aged look, this build quintessentially executes and delineates 'medieval'.

Comprehensively, this build took about 3 hours to build. It wasn't way too arduous, and I enjoyed building it the most out of any of my MOCs. See if you can spot the several Nice Part Usages blended in with the build.

I really, really like constructing medieval builds due to the lack of needed 'perfection'. Medieval builds are one of the only builds which look good with crumbly walls, crooked trees and a slanted roof. 

Please support this! And please comment! If you follow me, I'll follow you, and please check out my profile and my other medieval builds such as: Medieval Homestead (which I had to break to build this), Neuschwanstein castle, Burg Hohenzollern Castle, and Attack on the Castle Citadel! 
Thanks, have an excellent day! 


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