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Pirate Ship (Name: Winter Daphne)


Used bricks: 1221

This is my Lego ghost ship of pirate. In the meantime, Lego has created many great pirate ships. But this is a different type of pirate ship. Through this work, you will experience newness that you have not felt in the meantime.

I used mainly white color bricks and mixed gray. The prow was inspired by canine tooth of the beast. It looks like a horrible monster. The center of ship was decorated with swords and shields. There are total of 14 cannons, including two front cannons. The cabin consists of 2 floors and has 9 windows. Behind it is a large skull and lamp.  I belive it would be a great Lego set.

Thank you for looking at my project and to tell you that it is my sincere hope that with your support​.

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