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Ground Marking Truck


1- My creation is a ground marking truck.

- with marking materials: a roll soaked in paint, another roll not soaked with paint, a brush, a tin of white powder, a can of water that is mixed with the powder, a gun paint, a spray of paint, a pot to put the paint, three traffic cones.

- two workers with security helmet.

- the truck is equiped with a lifting clamp.


2- I am passionate about the construction trucks that are on the construction sites. I have a lot of legos at home, I built a Lego town in a big room with different themes: fire, police, building sites, houses, forest, garage. I'm always looking for Lego trucks that I find on the internet.

That's why I wanted to create this one!

3- I know many types of construction trucks such as the backhoe, the backhoe loader, the steamroller, the crane. That lego created but I never found this type of vehicle: the ground marking truck.

I hope you enjoy it!


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