Product Idea

Narnia: The Stone Table

For my second Narnia project I present to you the Stone Table. The Stone Table is an important part of Narnia, so I recreated it as best as I could.

It features the Stone Table and the surrounding area. The Stone Table can crack by pushing down on it. That is about all there is to it. I was focusing on detail rather than playabillity, but I think most kids would still have fun with it. 

The minifigures would probably include Aslan, Susan, Lucy, and the White Witch. The ones pictured are just to give you an idea of what they might be like. The White Witch's headpiece is an elf headpiece from the Lord of the Rings. :)

I will be building Aslan soon. I am open to suggestions on how to make this better. Please support and, if you have time, share this project on social media. Also please check out my other projects too. 

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