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Barber Shop and Cafe


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Here is my latest creation. The Barber Shop and Café! It is built on two 16x16 baseplates. They are not connected. So, you can put them together or have them apart.

Barber Shop

The Barber shop has eye catching blue and red paint. On the roof, there is the barber shop's sign Clip. It even has the classic barber shop pole! Inside, there is 4 mirrors, and four chairs. The mirrors have extended pieces to put supplies on. the barber shop also features hard wood floors. And, it has brick around the base of the building.


The café is dark green with a black roof. The interior is extra special. It has a computer or cash register. The floor is black and white tile for a classic look. There are four chairs and two tables. The roof is pitched instead of squared off like the barber shop.  Around the top of the café, there is 1x2 tinted transparent bricks. It also has brick around the base of the building.

This set will sell for $40 US currency based on parts.

Thanks for the support. Let's get to 10,000!


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