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Steampunk Explorers


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The steampunk explorers

Time for an official steampunk Lego set!
We are very happy to present our new collaborative project, designed by Max Brich and Castor Troy. (Max Brich profile on LEGO Ideas: HERE)

“In the year 1889, somewhere here on Earth… The greatest explorers and scientists of all known nations gathered for the purpose of discovering, understanding and learning about our world. They are astrophysicists, botanists, engineers, adventurers… Their thirst for knowledge is insatiable. Each country sent its best scientists to the research complex. In this majestic place, they dedicate their knowledge to the exploration of the Earth, seas and oceans and to the discovery of the universe. Engineers design the equipment, craft, and vessels needed to observe and experience the world. Scientists have the best known equipment to carry out their mission.”

The project consists of 3 buildings, a 2-in-1 observation machine (either a flying aircraft or a submarine), a hot-air balloon with a take-off station integrated into the central building, and 8 original figurines.
The whole model has 2950 parts.

The central building is dedicated to showcase the creations designed by the engineers, and is also a launch station for the air balloon. The architecture borrows the classic codes of the "Steampunk" style. Each building can be separated from others in a “modular” fashion. The rear facade can be removed altogether for easy access and playability. A small mechanism allows to move the balloon vertically to allow passengers to board and take off. In its lower position, the top of the balloon is also the dome of the building.

The building on the left is dedicated to space observation. The dome technique is taken from a MOC by Castor Troy and looks particularly good in real life. We have added stickers and other customizations that we hope you will like. The building can be accessed by sliding it away from the central building. It is all in one block to ensure better solidity.

The building on the right consists of a mechanical workshop on the ground floor, and a greenhouse upstairs, filled with exotic plants and animals. Both are very easy to access and offer many possibilities for playing and having fun.
As usual we worked as a team and made choices to deliver one of our finest creations in a very realistic style. Max brought a remarkable level of detail and finish to meet the architectural codes of steampunk. He did a lot of work on the play of colors, figurines and stickers that reinforce the contrasts without falling into the trap of overloading with gold or other stereotypes.

The figurines (from left to right)
Bottom row:
   • Maximus BRIKONOV: Pilot, adventurer and mechanic
   • Louis Denizart Hippolyte GRIFFONT: Philanthropist, adventurer, financier
   • Countess Cécilia De Acuña: specialist in foreign languages ​​and forgotten dialects
   • Pierre-Jules PEVELVERNE: engineer and genius designer
   • Doctor Alexa TARABOTTI: botanist, herbalist, specialist in tropical plants
Top row
   • Franck READE Junior: Pilot, adventurer, first astronaut
   • Professor Hasan JENSENDI: astrophysicist, discoverer of the ether particle
   • Kastor Zébulon TROY: Oceanographer and diver

We believe in this project because we designed it as a set in line with what we would like to buy as AFOL. We are convinced that Steampunk fans will love this project and that it will attract many new fans, especially a female audience, as it is the case at exhibitions where steampunk creations are a hit.

We also hope to convince the LEGO team that it is essential to make a Steampunk set, with a great design and playability.

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