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Wartburg Castle

Constructed of many different shaped and colored brick it stands on a hill in Eisenach, Germany.
  • A German flag stands atop the central tower in the middle of the castle. Surrounding the tower many different parts of the castle are to be found.
  • The castle consists of many modified pieces with colorful slanting roofs.
  • The largest building, located on the eastern wall is a dark tan color. The chimney rises out the building surrounded by the dark green roofs. This is called the Palace or known as the Great Hall.
  • Pieces were used to create a wall similar to real life, a tree is made with a brown round brick and the leaves are green hair.
  • The gothic architecture is showed with the pointed roofs, the sand blue roofs and the orange roofs.
  • The Wartburg also had Romanesque architecture with the thick walls and the large tower.

What is the Wartburg Castle?
  • It was built in the Middle Ages.
  • It was built in 1067 by Ludwig der Springer.
  • It is on a precipice, steep overhang, of 1350 feet.
  • It is in the state of Thuringia.
  • The castle served as a fortress for the Wartburg family until 1484.

Why did I build Wartburg Castle?
  • The Wartburg Castle is a piece of art in German architecture and is shown in pictures with its beautiful colored roofs and central tower.
  • The Wartburg Castle a challenging 299 pieces were used to fit everything in a model scale and to make the castle similar to the real Wartburg.
  • Eighteen different colors were used to make this fortress a piece of art.
Why should the Wartburg be an actual set?
  • Learning about the German architecture.
  • Wartburg Castle has many colored pieces.
  • New type of Architecture set instead of a skyline, monument or building, but a castle.
  • Only has 299 bricks.

Interesting facts on the Wartburg castle:
  • Home of St. Elizabeth of Hungary.
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stayed at the castle and made drawings of the castle built during the Middle Ages.
  • Refuge for Martin Luther.

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