Product Idea

Star Streak Plus

From the beginning,this ship has made its way across the galaxy and been to planets unknown to man.
Every man knows that the Apollos reached the goal of being on the moon,and everyone knows Katherine to be one in helping them reach their goal,this ship:The Star Streak Plus was built for that very goal.This ship carries 80 people(pets,if any)and has 2 floors.The red on this ship is needed,for it keeps it from becoming a fireball.
The wings you see are where the escape pods are kept,just for a desperate time of need,the engineers wanted to make sure that it was ready;so they put a team together and with a captain they set a course to the moon.
This ship has had years of travel,some have even tried to find this ship,but it is said to have never been found;some say that the engineers have a place under ground.Others say,maybe it got lost in a storm maybe never to be found again.
I built this ship as to challenge the minds of those who love Lego building,I thought it to be a great addition because they loved Star Wars;and I wanna make others happy with something new.