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Lego tie fighter micro fighter


Hello,today I present you the new micro fighter tie fighter. In this set there is 80 pieces. The two red pieces on the front represent the turbo cannons. On the back of the ship there is a little holder for the pilot's pistol. The wings have a lot of detail shown in one of the pictures below.  In the cockpit the mini-figure can it on the four Lego studs and it is a perfect fit. This is perfect for kids who are huge Lego fans. Kids will love building it and it has a lot of detail. This set is on the Dark Side and great for battling a different set from the Light Side. I put a lot of hard work into this project. It took a couple months to make an even better looking copy. I know that other kids will like it too.

My goal is for this project to get 1,000 supporters and to get an official Lego comment saying only positive things. I know that Star Wars fans will love this micro fighter just as much as the other ones. This is a cute little set and it looks like the  a real tie fighter. I know that a lot of people are huge Lego fans and they love the micro fighters. My favourite thing to do in my pass time is to build Lego. I love Lego and I thought that I could build a Lego set. Thank you and I hope you like it.

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