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Legoland park!


This is a set to look like Legoland park. It has the basic Legoland rides that can be found at most of the parks around the world. They include:

Driving school: The driving school section has four cars in the four colors for the ride.(The colors are red,green,yellow and blue.) There's 4 kid minifigures to put in the cars. Also there's stop signs, stop lights and some triangle and circle signs. The road has yellow lines on it just like a real road.

Aqua zone wave racers: The aqua zone wave racers has 4 boats with 4 mini figures that ride in it. All of the boats are connected to the base where people get on. On the water there are pointy things to look like the big blasts of water from the ride.

The royal joust: The royal joust has seven horses with seven mini figures. This ride has details from the actual ride. Like the knight on the horse you pass by. And the boy hanging from the stick that your horse hits and the knight at the end who looks like he is knighting you.

Boating school: Boating school has six boats with six mini figures. All of the boats are red, green, blue and yellow. On the docks there is the man fixing a boat and a barrel.

The Technicycles: The technicycles have 4 vehicles and 7 mini figures. All the vehicles go up and down just like the real ride. Also there is the purple wings on top and handles for the people to hold onto.

The lost kingdom adventure: The lost kingdom adventure has two cars and 4 mini figures. The red circles are the targets that the guests shoot at them with their lazers. In the ride there's the mummy, the villain in the top hat, a skeleton, a bat,a painting and a rat.

Also there's the amazing Legoland sign, which I made to look exactly like the real one at all the parks. All the mini figures can walk through it to have a fun day at Legoland.  


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