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Galactic Senate Tower


The central Galactic Senate tower. This set would originate from Episode I and the mini figures are Chancellor Valorum, Mas Amedda and Sei Taria. This set also includes a droid that is seen in the Senate while debating matters. 

The mini figures shown are not the actual mini figures. The only represent the figures that would replace them as all three figures would be new to the Star Wars collection.

There should be a sticker in the middle that replicates the Sword, sword's hilt and the gear that lays behind them which is the symbol for the Galactic Senate. This is also show in Episodes I, II and III.

The three pieces at the top of the tower that make up the semi-circle spin and bend. This feature exists on the other side as well. There are a total of 7 chairs in this set. In scenes from the movies, there are other senators below the Chancellor in the lower ring.These mini figures are not included although the chairs and controls exist. 

The Chancellor and his staff all have controls in front of them.

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