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Lego Story Billund Carpentry 1932

Hello everybody,
I watched a video of the history of the LEGO brick by LEGOCLUBTv and I asked myself: why doesn't LEGO produce a product line of buildings, environments and key characters in the history of the brand. In this project, I present the first of the line: the Billund carpentry of the 1932. Here I took a picture from the video. My idea is to create a true copy of this image with red bricks and white details (doors, windows, ...). I'm sure many collectors will be happy to add a piece of history to their lego town. While the set would put even a Minifigure of Ole Kirk Christiansen, the creator of Lego, and a car of 1932 (Also in Figure). As soon as possible I will insert the models of the car and the house. Thanks for reading and click on the button "Support" please. Do not stop here but share the project on the social networks, so that we can get to 10,000 Supporters. Thanks ^ _ ^

Here you can see the minifigure of Ole Kirk Christiansen, the creator of LEGO, included in my set.
I'm searching the right minifigure to put into the set, this is a prototype.

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