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Duel over Coruscant

This is the scene from Star Wars episode III in which Anakin and Obi wan take on Count Dooku in the Invisible Handover Coruscant. This has always been one of my favorite scenes from star wars and I thought that a Lego set would be great for it. It includes Palpatine, Anakin, Obi Wan and Dooku. It contains a walkway which can can be collapsed (on the side furthest away in the picture); a computer panel;a chair for Palpatine and two red/orange lamp thingies.
I think this would be a great set (with maybe a few design changes) and should retail from £29.99-£39.99 depending on any extra features that could be added along the way.
Please support and give me your opinion on this set freely! (unless your gonna be mean!)

Here Palpatine sits in his chair, watching closely to see if Anakin is powerful enough to become his apprentice.

Here is the chair in the movie whilst behind Anakin there is the red/orange lamp thing.

Here Dooku and Anakin fight as Obi wan races back to assist Anakin with the red/orange lamp thingies in the background.

As you can see here with the brick removed, there is a flat tile supporting the legs of this walkway. This is so you can easily break the platform down and crush Obi Wan with it! (Like Dooku did!) There are flat tiles on the end two legs and this feature doesn't occur on the other side.

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