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Jurassic World Mosasaurus


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         I was blown away when I saw the Jurassic World movie this past June. This got my "Lego wheels" turning, so I just had to build my favorite creature, the mighty Mosasaurus. I spent many hours working on this project to get it just right and make it as realistic as possible. You can just picture this giant swimming through the ocean stalking its prey.

        I wanted my Mosasaurus to have some movement, so the tail moves from side to side as well as up and down. The mouth opens and closes, and the head moves from side to side.. I also put all four fins on ball joints to give them 360 degree motion. The Mosasaurus itself is 22 inches long, and the entire display uses 584 pieces.

       I really hope you enjoy this project. Thank you in advance for your support.        

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