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Star Wars Force Ghosts And Endor Episode VI



Extra Ghost Anakin

This is designed for all you special edition fans who like Hayden Christensen as Anakin's ghost. Also I know I just made like 3 updates in the past hour but beleive me they ALL had to be done. Note: I guess the image is a little too big so it cuts off some of him but basically it's Anakin's usual hair style and the rest of his legs

more updates coming soon...

but not today probably


New Version of Darth Vader Being Burned

I changed this a bit to make one no head because he didn't burn the body he burned the armor. I also changed it by having his arms and hands be different colors to give the effect that he actually is burning. The legs I changed to having them sit down and they are transparent grey like it's burning into the metal and wires.


I decided to change the name again...

I don't know how to do it though so I'll make a shout out 

The name should be "Force Ghosts - and  Endor Expansion Set"