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Star Wars Force Ghosts And Endor Episode VI


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These are the Force Ghosts of Yoda,Obi Wan,Anakin Skywalker,Luke Skywalker,and a burnt Darth Vader

There would be 2 sets of the force ghosts both dark and light transparent.

Yoda would have 2 heads the one above and on the darker transparent ghosts he would get his clone wars head.

These are darker versions of the ghosts.

Well they were darker on ldd.

Yoda here has his other head meaning the clone wars one.

This is how this set connects to the Ewok Village with this part

Another idea of the ghosts this is similar to the minifigure of Electro but I would much prefer the other ones better

A Darth Vader comes with this set from when Luke burnt him.

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