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Good Mythical Morning Studio (Updated)


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What does a Good Mythical Morning LEGO Ideas submission consist of? Let's talk about that.

Good Mythical Morning! Let's get straight to the point. This project consists of 710 LEGO parts, including the minifigures.
The 710 parts can make up:
  • 3 minifigures: the magnificently bearded Rhett, the glasses-wearing Link and the semi-frequent game host Stevie
  • A recording setup consisting of 3 cameras and a screen, represented by the 2x4 tile
  • The Wheel Of Mythicality in its classic, original white and green colors
  • And the studio itself.

Let's take a more detailed look at the studio now.
The build for the studio, as seen above, includes many details from the real life place.
These include, from left to right:
  • The red thing with the green thing on top of it and some black stuff on top of that
  • The human anatomy poster, represented by the 3 1x4 tiles
  • A guitar
  • The black chest of drawers, with 2 figurines of Rhett and Link, represented by the 2 pink statuettes
  • 1 of the few shelves seen on the wall
  • Another guitar
  • The couch in the corner
  • Another shelf, this time on the other wall
  • A... surfboard? I'm not sure what the surfboard looking thing is on the wall of the real life studio
  • Another, another guitar
  • Another, another, ANOTHER guitar (what's up with all those guitars)
  • And a fireplace looking brick structure.

Since this is a studio, there are studio lights there. A chess board pattern of tiles covers the floor, the building technique for those can be seen in the last 2 pictures.

As seen in a different image, the outer walls are made of red bricks, as a reference to the second ever Good Mythical Morning studio.

The floor in the front of the build has an exposed stud to attach the cameras in order to create a nice scene.

All the details that are connected to the walls use modified bricks to stay there, since almost no exposed studs exist on the floor.

One wall is covered with wooden planks, whereas the other wall has a forest wallpaper.
An animated GIF of the build can be seen here. You can use it to see how the whole thing comes together.

I built this project, because both LEGO and Good Mythical Morning have been a big part of my life, having gotten my first LEGO set when I was 2 years old, and having seen my first GMM episode in 2017. Hopefully, I captured the look of the studio and the people associated with it the right way, and that my designs won't disappoint anyone, who stumbles upon this project.

If the project gets made, it would bring my heroes into my, and many other people's homes. It could be an opportunity for Rhett, Link and possibly other people of the mythical crew to get real LEGO versions of themselves, and of course, it would make my own dream come true.

Hopefully, you like what I have presented here, please do me a favor and support this project, help us mythical beasts get to 10k supporters and give Rhett and Link the LEGOfication they deserve.

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