Product Idea

Research Submarine (See-through Hull)

Bad weather can severely delay or cut short research programmes at sea. Could a submarine better support research at sea instead of a surface ship since the submarine would not be affected by bad weather on the surface the way a surface ship would?

The project features a Research Submarine with a see-through hull to allow a view of the compartments within the submarine. The submarine has two main sections - the sail and the main hull. The sail has two compartments, the bridge and a crew rest area, and a hatch at the top which can open and close. The main hull has six compartments.

Beginning from the bow, the first compartment is an airlock to allow divers (eg research scientists) to enter and exit the submarine while it is submerged. The airlock also stores a remotely operated underwater vehicle which can be used to facilitate research by collecting data and samples, particular in situations which pose a risk to divers, such as great depths. The second compartment is the diver compartment, which contains two sets of dive equipment.

The third compartment is the control room, from which to control the operations of the submarine. The fourth compartment is a lab in which to conduct research using the data and samples they have collected. The fifth compartment is a machine room which houses, among other things, the life support systems to ensure that the temperature, humidity and air within the submarine remains optimal. The sixth compartment houses the engine.

There are also 4 minifigures - a captain (located at the bridge or at the open hatch), a pilot (in the control room), and two research scientist/divers (either in diving gear outside the submarine, or at the lab/rest area.

Finally, there are also some marine creatures.