Batman blackgate prison

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Calling all units! Three villains have broken out of Blackgate Prison! Waylon Jones (a.k.a Killer Croc), Dr. Langstrom (a.k.a Man-Bat), and Joker. They have taken over Blackgate Prison and there is still a man in there. Wait, look! Batman, Robin, and Nightwing are here. Figures coming soon Batgirl, Damian Wayne, and Mr. Hammer. Possibly Bane and Scarecrow.

note to lego if this set passes donate the money to m.d. anderson cancer center

tumbler blackgate prison sticker made by murphywt

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Arkham Asylum Killer Croc's Lair
Mr.freeze's lab

The glass piece on the floor has a smooth piece on top so that it may slide in and out of the cell with holds (Man Bat's cell). The sign next to Croc's cell states, "Don't Feed the Croc". The glass on the second floor can come out when you pull the level on the front of Blackgate.

set has a batmoble tumbler and a nightbike