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Weekend Spirit




Introducing the Weekend Spirit! This set is perfect for anyone who enjoys camping and being outdoors. It contains a 2016 Ram 1500 Mossy Oak edition. It is dark grey with a camouflage pattern on the bottom and light grey and black accents. It has off-road tires and fenders. The interior is light grey with black floor board including 4 light grey seats, a light grey steering column with a black steering wheel, a set of speedometers, and a completed dash. The truck is in a crew cab regular bed version with a powerful 5.7 Hemi engine. The camper is based on a 8x16 base plate with a ton of details packed inside. The exterior is light grey, dark green, and white. It has a hitch-mounted propane tank to fuel the oven/stove, a little light beside the door, an A/C unit on the roof, and a bike rack on the back with a yellow and red bike! There is also all around windows. Inside there is a small table, a kitchen, a bed which can easily be moved out of the way, a wet bath including a toilet and a 2x2 flat screen TV. This set contains 324 bricks and would sell between $30 and $35 US currency.

Thank you all for supporting! It is much appreciated!

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