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Zombie Cemetery


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This set features a wide variety of fun and interesting pieces that not only hold a lot of play-value but look great too! Each spooky element is detailed with fine touches like worn stone walls and creepy vines to give the Zombie Cemetery an old and haunted look.

Zombie Cemetery

What is that ominous howling? Could it be that the undead have risen within the Zombie Cemetery?

Be weary those who enter, for the Zombie Cemetery has been locked and forgotten for many ages. The front gate, a monstrous collection of iron and stone is fastened with a chain that barely keeps those inside from roaming free. If by chance you were to enter, there is a chest that awaits you that holds the bones and letter of an unlucky traveler...

Once inside a set of two high tombstones are adorned with a small statue of the deceased. There is also a smaller unkempt grave that sits alone with a rat and urn. The ground in front of these slabs seems disturbed, as if those buried there have risen from below...

If a brave soul were to make it past the gravestones a statue holding an enchanted sword awaits them. What is it's purpose? Could it be used to aid a wanderer through the deadly graves?

Further on there is a stone tomb with skull pillars that flicker in the torchlight. A heavy dark grey lid sits on top and keeps the undead trapped inside. It's tempting to lift the cover to see what could be hiding within...

Suddenly there's the noise of rattling chains and the collapsed smaller mausoleum lies straight ahead. Will you risk moving the chains aside to venture through the fallen beams, or would it be wiser to try to lure out whatever undead being wanders inside?

The main element of the Zombie Cemetery is a larger mausoleum with steep steps, dim torches and rough stone walls.  A large light grey coffin fits in the upper section of the crypt behind a pair of solidly nailed boards. It looks like someone took great care to seal it away from the world of the living...

The entire large mausoleum hinges backwards to reveal a hidden area underneath with an enchanted spellbook sitting on a rough and dusty altar.

Do the words in the book raise the undead? Or maybe does it hold the key to ending the curse of the Zombie Cemetery?

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