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Ghostbusters Zombie Driver Taxi


Changed Hubcaps and Billboard Mount

Thanks for all the support. Any suggestions to improve this project would be appreciated.

The checkers on the roof can be removed from future updates if many of you feel it is too much.

I replaced the hubcaps with the ones from Ecto 1. I think this improves the look.

I also changed the way the billboard on top is mounted. This involved changing the inside of the roof which unfortunately meant I had to remove the seats to fit the minifigs.

And here is a pic of the exhaust pipes.

I would like to see this project succeed . I have my taxi but I would like to have one designed by the professionals at Lego .They would do this taxi justice and it could be used in many different scenarios.

Thanks again to all the supporters.



Checker Roof Option and Interior.

I thought I'll try the checker roof option. I think It might be too much.

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