Product Idea |

The Dark Bolt

The Dark Bolt is a spaceship designed for firepower and agility, but mostly just for looking really really cool!
Design features:
 - Two cockpits
 - Two elongated triangular side panels jutting out past the main cockpit.
 - Clips in the back cockpit for the minifigures' guns.
 - Big thing on the bottom center of the ship. It could be a mode of vertical propulsion, or maybe some external display of power generation, that's up to you to decide.

I built this model because I really wanted to just make a cool spaceship without the constraints of trying to fit the model into a specific theme or style. The finished concept is really mixed up, with lightning designs from Ninjago and feather pieces from Chima!

I thing this would be a great set because we haven't really seen much space content as of late and this is a fun model with interesting shapes and pieces.

Pieces: A little over 300
Minifigures: 2, a pilot and a gunner