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25th century Mech - NeonKnight Variform Steel Dragon


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In the year 2401 ad Mecha have become the dominant form of transport in the known galaxy. Using these mechanised exo-frames humans have explored and colonised almost 60% of the Milky way. But beyond the reach of Earth Security Forces, lawlessness and piracy are rife. Colonies have descended into anarchy and feudalism and the will of regional, self appointed, lords now hold sway over the civilian populations.

Into this new era walks a group of heroes who seek to recapture the glory of humanity and uphold the noblest of ideals. They call themselves the NeonKnights and they bring freedom and hope where ever they appear.


Name: Draco
Role: Reconnaissance Specialist
Quote: "Long is the shadow of fear, bring light as you fly"
Description: Draco, referred to in hushed whispers on his home colony of Shialago, is the 25th century equivalent of a ronin. No longer loyal to his Lord, he works with whichever force offers him the best price and the chance to do good. Moral but somewhat mercenary.

Powers: Draco can convert into a large dragon like quadruped mode which is faster and more agile than his biped form. He is also capable of flight in his beast mode. He wields into battle a photonic-negator, a rifle like device that sends out a beam of energy absorbing force. Any heat source or electrical device is rendered inert if directly struck by the beam at full strength.

Weakness: Mercenary attitude leaves allies sceptical of his loyalty.

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