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The Pinball Machine

This full function Pinball Machine has so much to offer! From so many colors to the functions of it! This build has a total of 2054 pieces and about 18 different colors used.

1. The Flippers (Located on either side of the build, used to keep the ball in play)
2. The Ball Shooter (You pull back the knob that is located on the front right, once you let go you can watch as the ball goes into play)
3. Score Board (The score Board is used to track how many points you get during a round of Pinball, by moving the tracks from the back to change the number!)
4. The Ball hole (If your ball manages to pass the flippers it wont, disappear, all you have to do is pull back the ball shooter to play another round!!)

Point System:
How do you get points?? Here is how:
1. The amount of time you have the Ball in play you earn 10 points every 5 seconds!
2. If you manage to bump one of the circular dishes that have Purple, Blue or Green you get 50 points every time you hit it!
3. There is a Yellow circular tile with a star, if you manage to hit that you earn 100 points!
4. The hardest one to hit is the dark blue star on a 1x1 round brick, now if you manage to hit it you get 150 Points!!!

It doesn't matter if you follow the point system, you should get creative about it. It's just a suggestion!

Some fun details I'd like to point out:
1.The Pinball on the side of the Machine with a rainbow trail!
2.The coin slot located on the front with a 25 cent button.
3.The "Pinball" name above the score board.
4.All the little obstacles on the main area of the Pinball machine!

Hopefully you enjoy this ideas set! Pleas Support!!!