Evil Beasts - Cruel Scorpion

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Cruel Scorpion is another mini robot I created for fun. It is not such an creative idea as so many peoples already made similar ones. What I tended to make it different is to providing extraordinary flexiability on tail, pliers and legs. As you may see, there are plenty of hinges been used to enable it.

This scorpion is heavily armed with:
- Dual cannons in the tail
- Bio- squirt in both pliers
- Quick guns besides knees of each leg
- Shot gun under venter

The above 2 pictues are showing how the tail and pliers are moving. In fact, they can do a lot more if you wish. Also, there were 12 sets of hinges been used to build legs, sorry for not providing more pictures here, but you can easily image his legs can move like real.

The above left one is a tail special attack, from such an unexpected position, his rivals are certainly sentenced to death! Even a Jedi!

And the above right one is just giving you a glance from up side.

Well, it is not complicate, not perfect as well ... 4 legs, single eyes, unlike real scorpin ^_^ But I assure you the real product looks nice on my table! Sincerely appreciate if you could support it!

Enjoy LEGO!