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Muscle Car


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Introducing the Muscle Car! This car is based on many different muscle cars throughout the world. Many members have said that I should try a more generic build. So here it is. This project contains two models. A blue and red muscle car. Each have the same features, but they are different colors. They both have a  Camaro style front end, but the headlights resemble more of an older Camaro or Challenger. The taillights have a older Camaro style too. The rear also has classic style tube bumpers. There is also a black hood scoop and spoiler on each car. Over all the car has the generic look of a Camaro. The entire body of the car also has a sleek body line. Under the hood is a V8 engine. There is a fully detailed interior with two seats and a steering wheel.

This project contains 262 bricks and would sell in the $30 US currency range.


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