Living Style: LEGO K-Cup Holder

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If you happened to reach this page by chance then you are probably wondering just what is Cuusoo all about.

Cuusoo is a site where people can submit ideas for new LEGO products. If the project idea is able to accumulate 10,000 Supporters, then LEGO will review the project and considered it to be mass produced as an official LEGO set, thus making it available to everyone.

A lot of people have been inquiring about where to get the build instructions for our projects or if we sell them a set. If you really want your very own LEGO K-Cup Holder then please create an account and vote for this project (You can also log-in using your facebook or twitter account)! There is absolutely no obligation and it will only take less than 5 minutes of your time. Also, you can also help out in spreading the word and letting other people who may be interested know about the project.

The Concept:

As AFOL's we are always looking for ways that we can apply the use of LEGO in our daily lives. This project actually started as a way replace our tired and boring old K-Cup holder with something with a little bit more style! This 10"x10" K-Cup holder consists of about 300 pieces and holds up to 16 K-Cup's neatly into place.

The LEGO K-Cup holder is just one example of what you would find in the LEGO Living Style Series. In this series we hope to give LEGO a new identity. We know that making items suchs as picture frames, lamps, calendars, etc is not a new concept (we already see LEGO doing this officially). But what would set products in the Living Style series apart from the rest is the modernized designs that would appeal more to older LEGO fans. Just because something is build out of LEGO doesn't mean it has to look childish. LEGO is a great medium to create unique and stylish designs for useful everyday household items!

Stay tuned for more design concepts in our Living Style LEGO project!

-the daikoncat team