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The Dweller Attacks


As Ga'rlath's skeletal hordes pillages the Northern Lands the people of Drake's Island sailed forth to protect the coastal towns and transport allies to strike back at rampaging horde. Following a series of setbacks at the hands of the Drake's Island swashbucklers, Ga'rlath commands Seorn the Vile to create a creature to destroy the Drake's Island fleet. Thus the Dweller was created and loosed into the waters around Drake's Island sinking the fleet and preying on all who dare traverse the waters.

Reba and her first mate Flynn have perfected their formula for fire powder and a design for a hand cannon. With these inventions and the Drake's Islands devil may care attitude Reba and Flynn set forth to find the Dweller and put an end to the reign of terror.

The Dweller Attacks is a set designed to be the perfect addition to any swashbuckling adventure. the set features:

  1. The Dweller with 4 glowing eyes, 6 fully articulated tentacles capable of holding mini figs or small boats, positionable spines
  2. Reba and Flynn mini figures
  3. row boat and oars
  4. water base with emerging splash effect

 Whether it is the set piece for a grand adventure or an addition to your fantastic collection The Dweller is a memorable and fun filled set just waiting for your imagination to unleash its furry.


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