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BMW Isetta


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The car with 3 wheels, not the Reliant Robin, thankfully, but more the Isetta. 

This is a BMW Isetta 3 Wheeler, a quite exotic small car that can fit two persons inside and nothing more. A real classic car that became famous for its reliability and design, well, that wasto happen since it was made by the flawless German engineers and Italian designers.


Information about the BMW Isetta:

The BMW Isetta is a italyan-designed German microcar that became very famous over the years. Plenty off versions of this cars were made, but in this case, I made the 3 Wheeler, the real car opens the door on the front, which moves with the steering wheel.

Information about my LEGO version:
This is my first 3 wheel RC car, but I'm pretty happy with the result.
-RC Buggy motor for drive
-A small 1 piston engine just for details
-Servo motor for steering
-The front door opens with the steering wheel (when you close the door, the steering wheel have a mechanism that makes it turn with the servo motor)
-Working lights
-Not-so-detailed interior
-Detailed exterior





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