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Deluxe Modular Aquarium


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Welcome one and welcome all to the spectacular aquatic life inside this Deluxe Modular Aquarium.  Never has a modular had options increasing playability and visibility.  With opening side walls, removable items, figures, benches and other fun items to create endless creativity and imagination, this Deluxe Modular Aquarium offers more than meets the eye.

This design boasts large windows for amazing scenery, internal glass with viewing points, opening side walls, for display and play, semi retractable movable awning, and removable microbuilt aquarium on the third floor. Clear glass is used on our figure side while transparent light blue glass helps create and reflect the natural colors of the oceans.  Within this well equipped version we have Patrick, collectible King Tritan minifigure and Sea Captain posing for our history perspective of this tour.  A bench on each floor and one outside allow for relaxed viewing while the spiral staircase spins you up to each floor just like the rotating front doors that displace you into a different world.  Check out the third floor smaller aquariums with a crab, fish, plant life and a small frog.  Our Great White shark is an amazing addition to the natural food chain depicted between all the floors.  Jellyfish, stingrays, crustations, clams, fighting lobsters, Sebastian the crab, a pirate from the past, friendly tortoise, Mermaid, Swordfish and others all come together in this celebration of aquatic wonders.  

 Improvements are possible, I think a first ever illumination modular kit could be produced for this, and thus used in many or all modulars from past to present.  Dramatic lighting in the photos demonstrates a possibility of this lighting possibility. 

Help support our passion of the deep seas, oceans and reefs around the globe.  Preserve, protect and respect the life around us. 

From me to you, have a Great Day!

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