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BR Class 08 0-6-0 English Shunting Locomotive


This is a set based on the BR class 0-6-0 English shunting diesel. It has a gear wheeled crane that can unload the cargo. I used LDD Expanded so there isn't any minifigures I would add two or so workers one to work the crane and one the train. I would also add construction stripe stickers to enhance the look. The back two wheels are power function wheels meaning it can run on its own. The battery pack would have to be blue to keep it looking nice but the channel piece in the front could be any color. It uses a lot of flexy track and uses two switches which are my favorite track pieces.

I made this because I love trains especially English designs. I notice that all official Lego trains are long and bulky so I flipped the switch and made a small shunter perfect for any train yard.